The Bedford College Group

A new era begins...

The Bedford College Group is a new powerhouse of education for the South East Midlands.

Bedford College has been recognised as one of the best further education colleges in the United Kingdom, and offers a range of qualifications including GCSE's, A Levels, Apprenticeships, Access to Higher Education courses and Foundation Education and is a multi-award winning college.

We have worked with the college since 2000, and over the years have built up an excellent working relationship and real understanding of the aspirations of this outstanding college.

In addition to rebranding, we design and produce a series of prospectuses each year, and our ongoing work also includes branding, advertising, exhibitions and website design.

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“What I really like about bluegreen is the outstanding service they provide. The intricacy and attention to detail they put into their design work really makes our campaigns stand out.”

Sarah Baxter, Director of Marketing
Bedford College Group

A root and branch change in branding...

Following the addition of Shuttleworth College to the Bedford College Group portfolio, it was agreed that both the Bedford and Shuttleworth College brands should be brought into line with each other.

Bedford College Logo

Building upon an international reputation...

Both Bedford and Bedford College is strategically located in the centre of the UK. With excellent transport links Bedford offers an ideal learning environment for international students. Destination Bedford is a brochure committed to attracting those students.

Latest Bedford College Prospectus

Full-time doesn't have to mean dull time...

Over the years we have designed numerous full-time prospectuses that are aimed at school leavers. The brochures are vibrant, and designed to attract the talent of the future to both Bedford College and Shuttleworth Colleges.

Full-time prospectuses Full-time prospectuses

Opening up a world of opportunity...

Bedford College and Shuttleworth College offer comprehensive Part-Time courses allowing for flexible learning for all age and ability ranges. The numerous publications that we have created are designed to be viewed in print and online.

Part-time course Guide Higher education prospectus

There's more to Higher Education than you might think....

By creating Degree-Level prospectuses that are informative and engaging we have helped to attract the students to whom higher level learning is both enjoyable and satisfying.


You can teach an old dog new tricks...

Bedford College Group is committed to delivering a comprehensive range of vocational and work-based training. Our role is to bring the training prospectuses to life.

Vocational courses

Extending and increasing the centres of excellence...

We have completed numerous launch branding projects on behalf of Bedford College Group. These have included brand new schools and Technical Academies amongst many others.

Trinity Arts & Leisure, Bedford Free School, Bedford Technical Academy

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