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Briefing us

As a starting point, and to help with our first discussions, why not have a think about what you would like us to help you with. Here are a few pointers to help you write an effective design brief.

A design brief is a written explanation - given to us - outlining the aims, objectives and milestones of a design project. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when writing your design brief, which you can use as a useful starting point for each brief:


Please tell us any background information that you think will help us.

Your Aims

For example, please tell us if you want to:

  • Generate sales ie tickets/commercial/hospitality etc
  • Encourage enquiries
  • Gain new customers
  • Obtain information from your customers
  • Encourage them to tell a friend

If you know what you want to achieve, putting these ideas down on paper will help to clarify your thoughts. If your aims are a little less clear-cut, then start by brainstorming, or talk through your ideas with a colleague.

Your target audience

Please tell us who you are aiming your message at. Explain if you are looking to consolidate your existing customers or appeal to new customers. Detail information about your intended audience that may be useful to us - for example; age, sex, location etc.

Your budget and timescale

You will need to consider your production budget. Timescale is also an important consideration - so please let us know if there is a specific deadline that has to be met.

Copy and images

The brief should mention if and when copy and images will be supplied, and please make sure both the copy and images have been agreed before passing them to us.


Please write your copy in a way that will be understood by your audience. Whilst you should write in a clear, concise way you can use emotive language to emphasise exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Other things to help us

The more clues you give us about your needs, the more likely we will be able to produce something to help you achieve your aims.

If you have any additional questions or would further information please get in touch.

So, whilst you're thinking about your brief, please remember that unlike many agencies, we are not full of our own importance. 

In fact, we will always try to:

  • Take a problem off your hands
  • Improve your brand perception
  • Increase your brands positioning
  • Talk a language you understand
  • Add value to your business
  • Save you time & money
  • Maximise your budget
  • Help to solve problems
  • Help you to formulate a plan
  • Be honest & act with integrity
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Be friendly & approachable

Why not also take a look at Our background and Our approach pages.

But that's enough about us, we'd like to hear about you!

Briefing? Let's talk.