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Our approach

We believe our design, branding and websites speak volumes on behalf of our clients. It's a simple, but effective approach - you talk, we'll listen, and together we can shout much louder!

Research - our best ideas start with a problem…

Your problems are our solutions. By talking to us at an early stage about what you are trying to achieve, we can help guide you through the whole design process. It might be appropriate to carry out some initial market research or to complete a brand audit.

We can advise on and deliver the most appropriate method of research, which may be telephone interviews with customers and suppliers, focus groups with a sample of the target audience or simply talking to company staff to obtain their input. The results of the research, or brand audit will help to formulate further detailed background information that will allow us to establish the most appropriate way forward. At this point we will both have a better idea of the issues that need to be dealt with and in which order too.

Once we both understand where you want to go, we'll get you there more directly, cost-effectively and on-time too.

Formulate - save your money, time, energy... and sell more…

If it doesn't sell it's not creative! So, if you feel like your creative solutions are costing you good money, but not hitting the mark, and you are spending too much time on bad design, now is the time to talk to us.

We can help you rationalise how you are currently spending your design and marketing budget. First and foremost we aim to establish ways in which you can spend less and with our help, achieve more. Our focus is to save you money, and to see how we can help improve the return on the money that you do spend.

Once we've both established and understood what you are trying to achieve we can explore the most appropriate ways to improve your profitability and the efficiency of your marketing spend. So why not ask us to carry out a FREE review of your brand, its positioning in your marketplace and its overall perception and effectiveness?

Implement - the greatest values are those that you believe in…

It's a fact that nobody knows your business better than you.

We can add genuine value to your business by improving both the perception and positioning of your products or services, and at the same time increase your competitive advantage. Sometimes your business simply needs a fresh perspective or some new ideas to be implemented. We can help with both the internal and external delivery and presentation, and the communication issues that this process can bring. Maybe you are interested in a slight tweak to your branding, or a complete rebranding exercise. Or maybe you are looking to sell your business and are interested in discussing how we can add tangible value to your sale.

Review - always talk about the benefits, not the features…

Sell the sizzle... not the steak! No 'designer' speak or 'techie' talk - we'll always talk a straightforward language that you'll understand. We won't blind you with science or waste your time with waffle. In fact, we hope that you'll find working with us both stimulating, enjoyable, and an exciting process.

Many of our clients say that we take a problem off their hands, and that allows them to concentrate on other more important issues. We understand that the whole design and marketing process can sometimes seem a little daunting, which is why we support and work with you through the whole process.

We also like to think that we offer a complete and integrated solution with an outstanding personal service. Most importantly, it's a proven marketing fact that 'people buy from people', so our future as a business depends upon our personal success with you.

Experience tells us that by working together openly we can deliver outstanding results. Indeed, most of our new work comes through recommendations from our existing clients.

We will listen to your views and we will act with honesty and integrity when dealing with you. We will try to understand your business and the unique requirements that you may have. You will find us approachable, and unlike some designers, we don't take ourselves too seriously either. In fact, some of our best ideas have been instigated by the input of our clients.

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But that's enough about us, we'd like to hear about you!

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