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Fun, passion and excellence...

Badminton England is the sport's governing body in England. Based at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes, it provides a structure for the sport from Board and Council, through to individual members and volunteers.

The organisation is responsible for the management and training of the elite England squad, and works alongside the other home nation governing bodies to prepare British players for the Olympics. Our rebranding project with Badminton England commenced in 2003.

Our ongoing relationship utilises the widest range of our creative expertise from branding, interactive, digital and online creations, through to advertising and exhibitions.

“Bluegreen are a fantastic design agency who consistently provide exciting creative work that fully reflects our brand and organisational values.”

Adrian Christy, Chief Executive
Badminton England

A dynamic rebranding with energy and flair...

Having designed the new Badminton England logo it was imperative that a comprehensive brand guidelines document was created to ensure that the implementation of the new brand is both consistent and successful.


Success through healthy education programmes...

The health and wellbeing of athletes is paramount to their success. We designed a suite of nutrition guides, bringing a dry subject matter to life through illustrations and infographics.

Badminton England

Comprehensive programmes for all...

Badminton is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. Badminton England is committed to creating programmes that encourage and enable players of all ages and abilities to become engaged with the sport. Our role in terms of branding and presentation is key to its success.


Embracing the power of digital communication...

During our long-term relationship with Badminton England we have created numerous online documents such as Annual reports, Strategy websites and membership portals.


Branding for all ages...

We have created branding and sub-brandings for Badminton England that are designed to appeal to specific age ranges. For example, the BISI - Badminton into Schools Initiative, as well as the Badminton Young Officials Award which is aimed to engaged with potential referees and umpires of the future.


A successful World Championship Bid...

We created a s suite of documents including an interactive DVD to accompany Badminton England's bid to host the Badminton World Championships in London in 2011. The bid was successful and the ensuing event was a fantastic success!


A truly world-class event every year...

The Yonex All England Championships is the equivalent of the Wimbledon Championships in Tennis. It is the most prestigious Badminton tournament in the world. Attracting sponsorship is key to its ongoing success.

Badminton England Badminton England

The Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships takes place annually and attracts the best Badminton players from around the globe. The official event programme is a full colour, 64 page production. Celebrating 25 years in Birmingham, this was the 108th year of the event. 

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Helping to fly the flag...

Badminton England is central to the success of GB Badminton. Over the years we have delivered a variety of projects that are committed to helping GB Badminton produce and deliver successful athletes on the international stage.

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