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10th Mar 2020  Dave

The Wates Group is one of the largest privately-owned construction, development and property services companies in the UK and Bluegreen were tasked with creating the branding and signage for their annual Chairman's Awards which was held at the V&A Museum in London.

Wates Group

Given the extremely tight turnaround time to set up the event, we needed to create a solution that was easily transportable, quick to install and informational, whilst being mindful of the fact that the event was being held in the World's leading Museum of Art and Design.

With the final member of the day's visiting public leaving the venue at 5.30pm and the first guests arriving from 6.30pm our set-up time was limited to say the least.

V+A 5.jpg

The evening's event comprised a drinks reception in the museum main entrance and stunning Dome, with access to the museum gardens. Our portable pull-up banner and feather flag solution for signage and branding allowed for easy guest navigation and movement throughout the museum, without needing to rely on 'fixed' signage which is obviously not possible in such a venue. We were also able to utilise the use of several of the museum's digital screens as well as additional portable screens for display purposes.

Wates Group

The banners were double sided and created a natural flow of footfall from museum entrance through to the drinks reception and then back through the Dome when the call for dinner was announced.

V+A 6.jpg

The main evening's dinner and awards ceremony was held in the Raphael Gallery which was accessed via a four minute walk through the museum's corridors and exhibit galleries. Again, we utilised pull-up banners to create a signed route from entrance to the gallery for guests to follow.

Once all guests were seated for the Awards ceremony, all banners, feather flags and digital screens were needed to be packed away ready for all trace of the event to be gone from the site, ready for the museum to open to the public again the following morning.

The Raphael Gallery was also branded for the event with the use of flags, lectern graphics and large digital screen presentations.

V+A 2.jpg

We also produced the event programme, place cards and table plans, along with an animated digital show to run throughout the evening and announcing the winners from the various awards categories.

V+A 4.jpg

The programmes included a menu and itinerary card and were printed with a metallic silver and spot UV varnish to echo the evening's prestige nature.

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