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6th Mar 2018  Dave

We are the official brand & design consultants for MK Dons FC. We have been working with them since the club's inception in 2004.

Each season we design and produce a brochure aimed at promoting and selling the club's season tickets and corporate packages. Its aim is to encourage existing season ticket holders to renew, as well as encourage new fans to sign up. MK Dons is committed to keeping football at the heart of Milton Keynes, and our role is to support this aim with our activities. The brochure is the main focus of marketing activity, and forms the basis of additional material created by us, which includes TV and newspaper adverts, social media graphics and online graphics.

Season ticket brochure

Brochure cover

Research and fans’ feedback showed that there are several key factors that needed to be addressed with the campaign. The cover design, which wraps around both the front and back covers shows all of the main benefits of the season ticket campaign. It shows an image of these points as if laid out on the desktop of a typical fan.

Payment plans

Each of the individual graphics from the front cover become page headers for each specific message throughout the brochure.

Under 12s

The club is committed to attracting young fans which become the future generation of fans of the club. The ‘Under 12s go free’ message is a key part of the sales message. Special promotions are also tailored to address the needs of both students and young adults.

Young adults

Rewarding the existing loyalty of season ticket holders is a main message of the campaign.

Rewarding loyalty

Integral to the brochure is a tri-fold application form which is stitched into the centre pages so that it can be removed and returned to the club.

Application form

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