Being positive about first aid…

24th Nov 2017  Tony

Following initial discussions with Bostock First Aid about brand positioning and perception, it was agreed that a rebranding project was required.

It was agreed with the client that their existing branding, which was very much presented as a healthcare offering was inappropriate for the business going forward. The company specialises in supplying first aid supplies and training, and we needed to convey this with the new branding. The positive results and brand message speak for themselves.


As part of the rebranding exercise we designed a brand launch mailer to inform existing customers, and potential customers why the branding had been changed and communicate and reinforce the core values of the business.


The mailer utilises a simple folded die-cut, allowing the messages to be more dynamic.


We also redesigned the quarterly training courses sales leaflet, presenting the information in a very clear logical way. We are currently working on the new website with online shop, which will be launched soon.


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